Thursday, August 11, 2011

Setlist: The Shins

Doug Fir, Portland
August 10th, 2011

Settle down mofos, this is a work in progress. I'll have it finished in the next couple days.

1. Caring Is Creepy
2. Australia
3. Mine's Not A High Horse
4. Pam Berry/Phantom Limb
5. (new song/cover)
7. Saint Simon
8. Girl On The Wing
9. (new song/cover)
10. Know Your Onion!
11. (new song/cover)
12. Kissing The Lipless
13. Sea Legs
14. So Says I
15. (new song/cover)
16. New Slang
17. Girl Inform Me
18. Sleeping Lessons


1 comment:

  1. They've been playing 'Sphagnum Esplanade', usually right after 'Know Your Onion'. 'Sphagnum Esplanade' is a b-side from the 'Know Your Onion' single (and it's my favorite Shins song). Breaks my tiny black heart to have missed it.