Monday, August 22, 2011

For Sale: Skrillex Ticket(s) For Face ($35)

I bought a couple extra tickets to Skrillex, just because I love fucking with scumbag scalpers. There are already a handful of people out there saying shit like, "$150 per ticket, get them while they last, what a steal!" Fuck them, not only do they have the mental capacity of the third grader (and I'm really sorry for offending third graders), picturing them sitting in front of their computers hitting reload on their email wondering why people aren't replying makes me sleep well at night. I love it when they say, "PRICE IS FIRM." So is the back side of my hand.

So anyway, there are good people who are not looking to pick your pocket. There are a lot of them actually, so I encourage anyone interested in a ticket to email the scum selling them for $100 or more. Tell them how sorry you feel for them, and how their lives will be so much better when they quit trying to fuck over everyone they can.

Email me at if you are interested. Pick up the ticket downtown. Hard copy, blah blah. I only have one ticket at this time. I'll probably have more closer to the show if my friends don't need them. I don't subscribe to the first come first serve, so convince me you are not a scalper and really want to attend. After the ticket and order fee, it was about $35 a ticket.


  1. Ill give you 80 for both call me. 503 953 5600 please!!!!

  2. Same girl! Pleaseeeee pleassse call me a soon as you can. My dead beat boyfriend stole my tickets!!! And he is my favorite. Ill be devastated if I cant go!

  3. Shot you an email as your post said to. I recommend to all of us who got burnt and a spot taken by a fucking scalper to just flag the shit out of their ads! All the best to you! Keep fighting the good fight- love through music.


  4. Hey buddy, just wanted to let you know that my price of $150 sold today.


  5. Hey. I'd love to buy the extra Skrillex tickets if you still have some available. My email is Let me know if you have any left.


  6. I am just DYING to see Skrillex and just missed buying them before they sold out :(
    Thank you!!

  7. Matt, you are using scare tactics to convince people desperate for a ticket to pay your prices. You are making your next $130 ticket request seem like a great deal. When all is said and done, you'll end up finding someone with enough loot to pay you double face value, but you'll still have to look at yourself in the mirror each morning and realize everyone who pretends to like you secretly hate you because you enjoy screwing people over. I hope the extra couple hundred dollars you make per year is worth the misery of having to live your lonely life. The next time you run across an unexpected and unfortunate expense which causes you a great deal of stress, picture me laughing loudly. Karma is a bitch.

  8. I'll pay 90 for both! I've been dying to see Skrillex!!! Pleasee, and thank you for being so reasonable about the price:)

    email is

  9. Any left? I need two! They sold out before I could buy tickets for my bf's bday! email here

  10. I've done these face value ticket sales several times, but I've never encountered a group of worthless pricks like these Skrillex fans. What part of, "I only have one ticket available," and "convince me you are not a scalper," do you not understand?

    If I haven't replied to you yet, it is because I haven't heard back from the first person I offered the ticket to. I'll let you know if it sells.

    And if you are one of the many who decided to send me profanity laced replies because you didn't get picked, kindly shove a large object up your ass.

  11. PLEASE help me get face value tickets!! these scalpers are horrible people who are gum on the bottom of my shoe, thanks for being real! if you have tickets or know where i can get some please help me!!

    email me at: (THANK YOU)


  12. You're a good dude, Know. I hope whoever ends up with these tickets really appreciates what you've done for them.

  13. Hi! Lolol do you have tix left?!? I was hoping u still had ur 3 tickets left. My dog ate mine and then a dinosaur ate the dogg and then an asteroid hit it! ROFLOL!!1


  14. Thanks Pea. And thanks stephanie for at least being entertaining.

    I sold one ticket today, so I removed the add. I have another sale pending because someone actually convinced me they are not a scalper.

    If I'm able to unload more, I will post another add next month, so don't freak out and pay top dollar to the scaplers yet. There will be cheaper tickets available closer to the show.

  15. Stephanie is lying there is no such thing as dinosaurs how can you possibly sell her all five tickets you still have LOL a true Skrillex fan wouldn't do that LOL