Thursday, January 27, 2011

Setlist: Ween, Portland

Crystal Ballroom, Portland
Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

This will be my first attempt at a Ween setlist. It's a work in progress. The ordering is correct, although I tend to add an extra song for an extended intro/outro when there is a break involved, or when it is (or appears to be) a different song. It will take me a while to decode my notes. They played for slightly over 2.5 hours.

1. The HIV Song
2. The Golden Eel
3. The Stallion Pt. 3 (blending into...)
4. Bananas & Blow
5. Piss Up A Rope
6. Learnin' To Love
7. With My Own Bare Hands
8. Up On the Hill (blending into...)
9. Take Me Away
10. The Grobe
11. Gabrielle
12. Stoker Ace
13. Voodoo Lady (was it ten minutes, or fifteen?)
14. Mutilated Lips
15. Buckingham Green
16. Ice Castles
17. The Final Alarm
18. Back To Basom
19. Close To You (cover) intro, (blending into...)
20. Zoloft
21. ...Extended Outro Jam
22. Push Th' Little Daisies
23. Touch My Tooter
24. Mr. Richard Smoker
25. Piano/Keyboard solo intro, into...
26. Even If You Don't
27. Freedom Of 76
28. Let's Dance (cover)
29. Your Party
30. Old Man (cover)
31. The Mollusk

32. Polka Dot Tail
33. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
34. Heart Shaped Box (cover)


  1. 3. Stallion Part 3
    25. Even if you don't

  2. 22. Touch My Tooter

  3. stoker ace was in there somewhere and back to basom.

  4. "24. Piano/Keyboard solo intro, into..."

    I think that was "Even If You Don't"

  5. Thanks everyone. Those songs all match my notes. Still working on the rest. I'll put the hint in brackets if I can't figure out the song.

  6. 16. Ice Castles (instrumental from White Pepper)

  7. and 8. was indeed Up On The Hill

  8. 16 and 17 was Ice Castles > The Final Alarm. They've played these songs together before. Most notably/recently last hallow-ween.

  9. 19 was 'Close to You'. Carpenters cover.

  10. Thanks again Weeners. I added Ice Castles and The Final Alarm based on your suggestions. I wouldn't have got either on my own. I also added Up On The Hill.

    We have two suggestions for number 19, and my notes support Zoloft. However, Horned Gramma has a nearly encyclopedic brain, with an entire level devoted to Ween, so I'm going to trust they played Close to You as well. I have song number 20 listed as an extended outro, because there definitely was a five second break. I'm guessing maybe number 20 was actually Close to You, and not an outro? Anyone remember this critical stage?

    And by the way, the order is correct, I don't screw that up, and everything posted above matches my notes. It is possible I missed a song though, unless Gramma is fucking with me.

  11. gyoza of the villageJanuary 29, 2011 at 12:39 AM

    I just listened to the carpenters song and they did not sing that song. i think that if you listen to the piano on the carpenters version that might be what glenn was playing for the piano/keyboard solo, dunno just up late and it was an amazing show no matter how ya shake it...peace

  12. It was definitely Zoloft. With the extended ending, it's the same version that's on the Live at Stubb's album.

  13. It's the same version on Live at Chicago, I mean.

  14. Okay, Zoloft added. Setlist complete, unless anyone has anything else to say about the Carpenters cover?

  15. Gene sang the first line of Close to You and strummed a chord. This seemed to be more goofy onstage banter than an earnest playing of the song.

  16. Alright. I'm 98.6% sure 99.9% of the setlist is indeed correct. Like I said above, the only error would be missing a song, or an extended intro/outro.

    I just finished most of a really long review of the show. I'm confident you won't like it. I'll post it tomorrow.

  17. They also played some of "Fell on Black Days" by Soundgarden.
    I realize that memory is reconstructive not reproductive, but I'm pretty sure there was a song after "Heart Shaped Box"

  18. When I got home, I remember looking at the setlist and seeing "Heart Shaped Box" listed last, and also thinking, "Wasn't there another song after that?" I was precise with my note keeping, so I don't know how I could have forgotten to write down a hint for the final song? Three friends at the show all said they ended with Heart Shaped Box, so maybe it was just a longer ending?

    Also, if anyone remembers which song opened with the Carpenters cover (or the Soundgarden cover), I can add those to the setlist.

  19. I'm almost positive they played the Carpenters song - or at least part of it - between 'Basom' and 'Zoloft'. concurs.

  20. And they left the stage immediately following the Nirvana cover.

  21. Added the Carpenters cover. Thanks Horned Gramma.