Monday, January 24, 2011

For Sale: Interpol Ticket(s) For Face + Fees ($40)

If you are new to me (which I'm sure you are), I usually have an extra ticket to sold out shows. I have lazy friends who decide they want to go to shows after they sell out. I unload unused tickets the week before the show for the price I paid. Yes, you can go through the archives here to see I was pretty much the only person on earth selling Black Keys tickets for $30, while most were charging $100+. Those who were charging a reasonable price, said stupid shit like, "I want $50, that's what I paid." No it's not, I paid $30, fuck you.

So call me the "Anti-Scalper." This also means I'm not selling my extra(s) to a scalper, who can turn around and sell it for a profit. Although I've sold face value tickets to scalpers before (you know who you are), my "legit" monitor is fairly decent. Therefore, I don't subscribe to the "first come, first serve" theory. If you are actually an Interpol fan who doesn't want to pay twice face, convince me. I paid face value ($29), plus fees (roughly $10.25), so you can have it for $40. If I had a stock of quarters, I'd give you three, because I recall Face+Fees being $39.25.

Email me at I live downtown near the venue. The show is Saturday. I hear they have a killer light show.

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