Sunday, January 30, 2011

Setlist: Interpol, Portland

Roseland Theater, Portland
Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Props to Interpol for realizing their last two albums suck, and playing a setlist heavy on their old stuff. That was my hope when I bought the ticket. They played for about 91 minutes. I'll finish the setlist tomorrow when I sober up.

1. Success
2. Say Hello To The Angels
3. C'mere
4. Leif Erickson
5. Summer Well
6. Length of Love
7. Evil
8. Lights
9. The Heinrich Maneuver
10. Rest My Chemistry
11. Narc
12. Hands Away
13. Barricade (the only song I like on their new album)
14. NYC
15. Slow Hands

16. The Lighthouse
17. The New
18. Obstacle 1
19. Not Even Jail

Live review will be posted soon.


  1. No PDA? That's a shock. Come on Lights is a good track off the last album.
    The encore opener according to set list was the lighthouse taken from OLTA album.

  2. I was more surprised they didn't play "Roland." They used to play that near the end of their sets.

  3. I do like the looks of this, as I've been tuning into the latest CD, and thinking, hmmm... Which songs wouldn't I mind hearing versus some are just better for the mood of at home music theater entertainment?

    Success, no.
    Memory serves, maybe.
    Summer Well, no.
    Lights, yes (sounds good like Pink Floyd) "That's why I hold you near"
    Barricade, maybe, has some passion.
    Always Malaise, no, too down.
    Safe without, sounds a little like Radiohead, but which song? A maybe. 2+2=5?
    Try it on, sounds too much like Citizen Cope's Mandy, like an alarm wake up to shut it off song?
    All of the ways, too slow, good bathroom break, no.
    The undoing, no.

    Playing a setlist heavy of their old stuff is seconded. The latest CD is great music for Kevorkian fans?

  4. Success is ok? Probably won't play as much after this years touring. Maybe open with Lights?
    Memory serves ???
    Summer well I agree!
    Barricade ok!
    Always Malaise (no way)
    Safe without(no thanks)
    and the rest no thanks!
    I agree old stuff for me and a must imho although having seen Interpol 6 times they have only played it once,Stella was a diver and she was always down.