Tuesday, September 21, 2010

For Sale: Black Keys Ticket at Face ($30)

Black Keys at the Crystal Ballroom, Tuesday, October 5th. If you are interested, email me at knowidyuh@gmail.com. Apparently, there are a bunch of shitfucks out there trying to sell their tickets for $50 to $100 per.

I won't be able to meet up until this weekend, so I likely won't reply to the winner until Thursday.
Also, I don't necessarily subscribe to the first come first serve theory. I don't like scalpers, and those are usually the first to reply. I will however give preference to the early birds in the event a tie breaker is needed.

You also need to be willing to pick up the ticket. I'm not driving to Salem or Vancouver to deliver this. I live near downtown.


  1. I will give you 50 cash ASAP. I can be downtown in 10 minutes.


  2. I can meet you you downtown anytime and anyday... I love this band and have been trying to get a ticket for awhile now, but all these fucking assholes are ripping people off selling there tickets for 150 a ticket!!!! I would be so grateful for the ticket!

    please email when you want to meet up.

  3. I would love to get this ticket from you(my girlfriend will understand I hope). I can meet you anywhere in portland before 5pm on sat(gotta work) or all day sun. I feel ya on the ridiculousness of it. $150!!!!!! That's bending ya over from behind. email josh457@gmail.com or call 808-250-6381

  4. Hello, I live downtown and can easily meet up whenever (school doesn't start for me until Monday). This ticket would mean the world to me, I just moved to Portland so I wasn't even aware the Black Keys were coming until the tickets were all sold out and the cheapest ones available were $75+

    feel free to e-mail me at hellosarahrose@yahoo.com if you have any questions and/or if you (ohgodplease) want to meet up

  5. Not trying to suck up to you but you are definitely a cool person to think that way about those scalpers by default. what REALLY gets me is they then use Craigslist (a FREE website) to try to charge that much when it's against the site rules AND common decency.

    Since you had to make an effort (your time, gas, etc.)to get these tickets, a small markup should be expected, I don't mind paying you $40-$50 no problem and can meet you anywhere and anytime you want this weekend.

    Thanks for considering selling your extra ticket to me! :)

    Dan - danbfree @ yahoo . com

  6. Well...hey...
    I see there is quite a fleet of folks wanting this ticket from you...
    I guess I'll give it a shot..
    So...yeah, Black Keys, eh? They're pretty rockin. I can be pretty out of touch with radio and what not and what's popular, so my first reaction when I went on their website to check out their tour was, "Holy shit!" They have sold out most of their shows on this tour... That's rad. I had no idea they were so big....But I'm in a nice hole here in Portland with my music and friend's music and who knows what on the radio and lalala...
    Ah,well, I'm rambling..it's what I do.
    Essentially, I'd love to buy the ticket from you. Your face value price is super appreciated and very generous of you. I mean...I could somewhat kiss up and offer you more money, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't stoked to just pay $30 for it. And of course, I'll meet you downtown. I don't need to rub that in. It's a fair expectation on your end, for sure.
    I do really want to go. I really want to hop around and dance. I really want to call my crush when they play Everlasting Light and have him listen....it's true. That's kind of a fantasy reason as to why I want to go... *blush*
    If you have ever thought you were falling in love, perhaps you can relate...
    Well...fellow Portland dweller and lover of good music (I can assume), I hope you make a choice of ticket selling that makes you happy.


    ah, my email in case you want to holler, even if just to say you've chosen another person...

  7. looks like I'm too late for the ticket. this is a cool blog you have here. have you ever seen neon indian? if yes, any opinions? i'll try perusing your blog and see if there is any mention of it. i'm trying to decide whether or not to check out their show this tuesday at the wonder ballroom. if you have any strong opinions one way or another, let me know. i'll check back here. thanks, nicole :)

  8. I have been searching for a ticket for some time now. I am a college student and cannot afford the overpriced scalpers. I love this band and it would make my day if I could but this ticket from you.

    pleas let me know


  9. I sold one ticket a bit ago to a person who emailed me responding to the blog post (which was posted several hours before craigslist). I have to feed my loyal fans. She's not even going for the Keys (Nicole Atkins fan).

    I have a second ticket, but I'm still sorting through emails. You'll hear from me soon.

  10. Nicole, regarding Neon Indian, yes, I have two strong opinions regarding this topic. Before I continue, I'll say I dig all types of electronic music, even if it is mellow.

    1. I've listened to Psychic Chasms at least seven times, and I doubt I'll ever listen to it again. It bores me, and I can't imagine ever wanting to dance to it. I probably don't do enough drugs (or the right ones). I've had opportunities to see him live, but never wanted to.

    2. What is your alternative, staying home and watching sitcoms? I've seen people leave terrible live performances saying things like, "OMG, WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW." Upon further questioning, I find out they go to two shows a year, and are shit-faced.

    Point being, if you like his music, want to have a couple drinks, and want to get your groove on, you'll have a blast. He is a big enough name to sell a couple hundred tickets, so there will be many dancing. If you are an ultra seasoned EDM fan (I'm not), I would be surprised if you didn't leave disappointed.

    In conclusion, you should go, let me know how it is.

  11. haha... thanks for the strong opinions... i'll let you know how it is... nicole

  12. I have a sale pending for the final ticket. We've just had opposite schedules and some bad luck, so I haven't removed the craigslist add.

    I'm pretty sure I replied to everyone who sent me an email. I apologize if I missed anyone.

    Nicole, I still want to hear your opinion of Neon Indian, and hate to call you out, but you never emailed me? You never replied any contact information in these comments either?

    Dillon, it's nice of you to offer $50, but I just called everyone trying to get $50-$100 a shitfuck, so accepting your offer would be 100% opposite of what I stand for.

  13. i'll give you thirty bucks, I would love to see the show. (503) 913-7013. Alex

  14. Sorry all, the ticket was just officially sold. I'll remove the craigslist add.

  15. B is for the grade that I got on my last test,
    L is for the love that I feel in my chest,
    A is for always cause I listen all the time,
    C is for Carly cause I know how to bust a rhyme,
    K is for for the kids dancin at the show,

    K is for Karma cause that's what you know,
    E is for excellent, cause that's how I'll feel,
    Y is for you cause you know how to make a deal,
    S is for the sound, you know that its real.

    Thanks man!


  16. GREAT reply. If I had an extra, you would have definitely won. For you, or anyone else who reads this, the Black Keys are playing in Portland again December 7th. Tickets go on sale Monday (October 11th).