Thursday, September 23, 2010

For Sale: Arcade Fire GA Floor Ticket at Face ($50)

I recently made the decision that I like beer more than my would be date (beer may have been involved). If you want to pay me half a C note to get me drunk, I'll provide you the opportunity to see Arcade Fire up close. It's a pretty even trade monetarily, but you end up with a potentially life changing experience, and I end up with a hangover.

It's a hard ticket, and with fees, it cost $51, give or take a couple pennies. If interested, send me an email at Pick up near downtown.


  1. hullo. interested, pls contact @

  2. I just sold the ticket, but I have good news for anyone still looking. GA floor tickets went back on sale earlier this week, so you can order one online and pay $54.75 after fees.

    The site calls the tickets GAFL2, so there is a chance there is a second floor section further from the stage. You avoid bleachers either way.