Saturday, February 25, 2012

For Sale: Justice Ticket(s) for Face Value Plus Fees ($48)

Roseland, Portland
Tuesday, April 24th

I only have one extra ticket available at this time, but might have more closer to the show. You know the deal, I hate scalpers, and want people to understand they don't have to freak out and pay double face value for sold out tickets. There are people in this world who are not looking to fuck you over.

Drop me a couple lines letting me know you are a real person, and not a scalper. The show is sold out, and I'll get several replies, so I'll pick the reply I feel is most legit. I don't subscribe to the "first come first serve" theory. I probably won't reply to the winner right away, so if you are still reading this, it means the ticket is still available. I'll remove the craigslist add when the ticket is sold, and update this post stating the ticket has been sold.
Email me at if interested.

1 comment:

  1. Hey! I was gifted a ticket but need one for my gf, email me!

    Thank you!