Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holy Shit: Of Montreal Coming to Portland in Late October

Of Montreal (w/Janelle Monae)

Yesssssss! It will be two years since Of Montreal has performed in Portland, which was roughly the week after I first started listening to this band. In other words, I've never seen them live, but they easily crack my top 10 for bands I've never seen. I am far from obsessed, but I've heard too many good things about their live shows.

Expect a lot of tight pants and men wearing make-up. Just warning the frat boys.

Roseland Theater, Portland
Thursday, October 28th, 2010


  1. Hey I'm interested in the Dead Weather ticket, Also of Montreal rocks and you won't be disappointed with their show, the inclusion of Janelle Monae will only make it more awesome.

  2. Hey man, unless you are the dude I just sold the ticket to (he didn't identify himself as spkyfred, but one never knows), than sorry I got a couple replies before yours.

    I might have to get rid of a second ticket next week, so I'll keep you mind if you're still looking.

    As for Of Montreal, ticket purchased, looking forward to it.