Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cake At The Doug Fir For Face Value ($40)

Actually, face value is $39.50, but after fees, the ticket was more like $46. Either way, I'm selling it for $40. If you are a giant Cake fan, and want to attend, send me an email. You must convince me you are not a scalper. Cake sold out Edgefield (capacity 5,000) last year, so playing a venue with a capacity under 400 is pretty huge. I'm not risking selling this ticket to someone who will turn around and sell it for a profit. I might even require you to enter the venue with me, just so I know you aren't a scalper. I haven't decided yet. It depends on how comfortable I am with the replies.

And no, "is the ticket still available?" and "I'll take it, woohoo" doesn't convince me you aren't a scalper. Some people are so comically dumb. You don't need to write a book either. It's actually pretty easy to convince me you're legit. Email me at I'll leave this add up for a couple days before I respond to the winner, just so I can fuck with the scalpers charging a shit ton for these tickets, but also so the real non-scalping Cake fans have an opportunity to reply.

The show is Tuesday, May 28th.


  1. Hey know ID yuh,

    I have actually been searching for cake tickets ever since I knew they were coming to the Doug Fir. My husband and I grew up with this band and have tons of memories in high school as well as college. My husband and I got into going to concerts last year but then he was diagnosed with cancer last November. He is finally cancer free and he finally feels good and we want to get back into going to concerts and this one would be perfect. I actually flag posts on Craigslist when they are trying to make money by selling their tickets! I hate people that buy the tickets and try to sell them for a profit! These people are making it difficult for the true fans to go to the concerts because they are taking all the seats and then charging an amount that normal people cant pay. please pick me for these tickets.


  2. I love Cake. Have seen then a dozen times. I had tickets for bend that I sold for under face value to a cute couple who drove up from Salem to pick them up. Would love to see them at Doug Fir, one of my favorite venues. I am a neighborhood girl; see a lot of local music. Would love your tix :)


  3. I will take it if you still have it?

  4. I grew up in Sacramento. Cake is in my bones. Sarcasm and grit and chip-on-the-shoulder underdog riffs that just want to have a good time while yearning for a bit of meaning. I want this ticket bad. Happy to enter the show with you and buy you beers and enjoy a rare close-up opportunity with John and the boys. Thanks for what you're doing and for considering me.


  5. Hello all. I ran out of time this week, so I won't be able to contact anyone until the day of the show (Tuesday afternoon). I 100% planned on having this completed last night. Sorry.

  6. Hi Anti-Scalper,

    This is so totally cool that you're looking to sell your ticket for face value. I would love to see Cake at the Doug Fir... the Doug Fir!! ... and not pay $100 for a ticket that originally cost less than half.

    (The Doug Fir. Cake, CAKE, is playing the Doug Fir. Unbelievable...)

    I am very surprised that your ticket is still available, so I thought that I'd throw my hat into the ring. I would pay your ticket fees - that's only right. And I would gladly walk into the Doug Fir with you. I typically go see shows by myself, so would only need one ticket.

    After reading the other replies above, though, I'm not sure that I am as deserving as one of the other hopefuls. But, whatever you end up deciding, thank you for being so cool : )