Friday, April 29, 2011

For Sale: Battles Ticket(s) for Face + Fees

I have a lot of friends who love Battles. I also have a lot of friends whose lack of funds trump their love of the band. Therefore, I am holding extra tickets for their sold out show next week, Wednesday, May 4th at the Doug Fir. I did a dry run the other day to remind me how much I paid for the tickets, and it was a handful of change over $18 per ticket. Since I don't carry pennies, nickles, and dimes routinely, I am charging $19 per ticket. $19 is easier than $18.64 or whatever it was. Exact change preferred, my Menomena tickets drained my dollar bill supply. I have some quarters though if you only have a $20. Sounds like a good deal?

By the way, I fucking hate scalpers, so if I'm going to sell my tickets for face, convince me you are not a douche-scalper. I live downtown, somewhat near the venue, so contact me if you want to go. I'd prefer to sell the tickets in singles, so if I do get fleeced by a scalper who turns around and sells it for $40, I am only getting screwed over for one ticket. Email me at if interested.


  1. Im interested in the tickets. email me
    I am a fan of Battles and have a friend coming in from out of town and who wants to see some music.

  2. Hello!~
    I am about to graduate college @ OSU in Corvallis and looove Battle! I was bugging my 2 friends in PDX to go to the Doug Fir and buy us tix, but the show sold out before they had time to go...if there's any chance you still have any tickets available let me know! I would be very interested! I saw Battles in 2008 @ the Coachella music festival and they ROCKED! Love to see them at a small venue! Thanks!!


  3. I would love to buy a Battles ticket! Please let me know if you have one available! I would be willing to take more than one of that is easier for you.



  4. amaslyk at gmail dotcom


  5. I just found out about the concert today. I haven't been to a great concert in quite a while, and would be willing to pay extra for a ticket, although I am not a douche bag. send me an email at if you still have any left.

  6. Do you still have any tickets available? I'm wondering if you're interested in a trade..but am willing to pay either way so I can accompany my date to the show :)


  7. Very interested!

  8. Are the tix sold? Please call me at 253.653.4924. I"ll buy them now/tonight, whatever works for ya.

  9. Sorry for not responding quicker, but the last tickets were just sold. I hope you all get to make it.