Friday, February 4, 2011

For Sale: Cake Ticket(s) For Face + Fees ($45)

Roseland, Portland
February 13th, 2011

Happy day before Valentines Day. I have at least two Cake tickets available for face plus fees. I'm also rounding up, because Face plus fees was $44 something. So $45 is the price, because I don't carry change.

I hate scalpers, so you'll have to convince me you are not one of those assholes. You don't have to write a long-ass story, just be genuine. I live downtown, so you'll have to pickup the ticket near China Town. I have a couple friends who will bail if Cake is at Sasquatch, and another friend who is seeing Cake in Seattle the night before who might bail. However, I'm only willing to sell the tickets in singles. If I accidentally sell a ticket to a scalper, I don't want it to be a double/triple/quad mistake. I see people are charging $150 each, fuck those people.

Email me at if interested. I will be busy for the next two days, so I'll respond Sunday night, or Monday. I don't subscribe to the first come first serve theory, so convince me you are legit.


  1. Well That's too bad because I am bringing my wife up to Portland on Saturday to Urban Fondue on Sat. and then staying the night at Park Lane Suites. We hardly find time to get away our lives in Salem and get a babysitter. My wife loves Cake and I just found out from a friend who's going that they were playing in PORTLAND on Sunday, I begged my mom to babysit and she confirmedall in the name of romance and I cannot find tickets. Yes I'm willing to pay more than face value. I hate to because it's usually to a low life scalper that buys all they can to any damn band that is popular just to make money and don't even listen to the music or have any intention of going. If you can find it in your heart. Please email me at or call 503-302-7668. I work for Zoom Media out of CA. and my wife is a Domestic Engineer ( Stay at home mom) just likes the fancy title though. Thank you in advance for any consideration that you might give me in making her day. We could even meet in front and I will buy them and walk in with you with the tickets. Let me know.

  2. Sorry Todd, the last ticket has been sold. Good luck, I hope you find one.